Investing in Luabase
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Investing in Luabase

Investing in Luabase

Our team at Costanoa Ventures excitedly announced that we led a seed investment into Luabase, a modern data stack for Web3 teams.

Many assume that open, public blockchains are easy to query, but this isn't true. There are some cool tools out there, but none meet the needs of developers and data scientists who want to analyze blockchain data at scale and embed it in their applications. Luabase is API-first and blazing fast. Query with SQL, get back millions of rows if you need, send data to S3, Discord, or wherever else, or analyze in notebooks with colleagues.

Luabase Notebooks

It's an enterprise-grade blockchain analytics platform. Web3 flips many traditional data problems inside out. Why hire a team to recreate the data stack when everyone needs similar data from similar sources? Hiring in web3 is hard enough. Luabase enables teams to focus on their core competencies while outsourcing the heavy data lifting to Luabase.

I couldn't be happier to partner with this team again. I first worked with CEO Mike Ritchie years back at a fintech startup. He has perfect product-founder fit with Luabase. Over the last few months, their organic growth and development velocity has been astounding.

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