Angel Investing

I started making small angel investments via various AL syndicates in 2021 to diversify asset classes, learn, open new doors, and to play a small part in "closing the gap." I haven't formalized my decision process yet but I have given some thought to a primary theme.

The majority of equities in the US are held by the top 1-10%.

And the top 1% hold just 8% of consumer debt.

These are some major gaps! And I'd love to play a small roll in helping to close them. So my primary angel investment theme will be focused on Closing the gap.

This doesn't mean that I won't invest in anything that doesn't fit the theme. It just means that I'm already naturally drawn to most things that help with these problems, even if the connection is seemingly loose at the surface.

Therefore, most investments will fit into the fintech category (so yes, crypto/digital asset ecosystem solutions will play a big role). Examples:

  • Addressing problem areas like financial literacy and helping with the basics. Earning, saving, budgeting, living below ones means, compounding, risk management, insurance, etc.
  • Investment access.
  • Solutions that better align incentives & decrease costs.
  • Marketplaces that level the playing field.
  • Infra/picks & shovels that help others build better financial products.
  • SMB tools.
  • Personal OpSec tools.

I strongly believe that personal finance is 1 of the most important topics for people (including small business owners) to grasp. Everyone is capable of learning, improving & good habits and solutions can pay outsized rewards over time. If only every 18 year old could get hooked up with Personal Capital and be forced to read I'll Teach you to be Rich!

I remember learning the basics myself. It works. It takes a while, but it works. I’m a chip on my shoulder type of person. Contrarian. Protect the little guy. Fight for fairness...

Access matters!

‘Closing the gap’ matters, and is a worthy endeavor.

Angel Investments

  • Avenify - The #1 way to pay for nursing school. The world needs more nurses. They tend to be amazing human beings! So we should encourage more to enter the field. And ISA's have the potential to align incentives much more reasonably than existing funding models. Also, RNs should get paid a lot more. Avenify thinks they can help with this eventually.
  • Bling Financial - Have fun and earn free Bitcoin just by playing. People love games and we need to continue to broaden the distribution of bitcoin holders.
  • Clearco - Growth capital for online businesses.
  • DFNS - Cloud-native developer tool that gives banks, investors, and companies the ability to operate crypto markets on a bank-grade security infrastructure.
  • FundRise - Democratizing real estate investing.
  • MainStreet - Helps businesses claim tax credits most accountants never claim.
  • Merits - A clearinghouse for verified identity.
  • US Bitcoin Corp - Low-cost bitcoin mining in NA.

I'd love to hear from you if any of this piques your interest.