AI and the flattening of earth
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AI and the flattening of earth

AI and the flattening of earth

I read Thomas Friedmans The World is Flat and wrote a [terrible] paper on it my first year of college back in 2009. It was my first exposure to the topic of globalization. Among other things, it covered India and "flatteners" such as Netscape.

Globalization is a polarizing topic. As for me, I've always been interested in playing field levelers. In fact, I was driven by that type of mission when working on various products throughout my career. This post covers some of them.

Looking back, I think I was originally drawn to bitcoin for similar reasons. And as I think about recent advancements in AI, I find the potential to flatten earth further really exciting.

What happens when everyone can create and consume content and communicate in every language, written and spoken, effortlessly and instantly?

Combine that with broader trends such as India becoming the most populous nation (and younger than China), connected, without a giant firewall, and you can start to see how the world will become flatter then ever with a far more inclusive internet.

This will have profound impacts to business, entertainment, healthcare, religion, dating, defense.... everything.

Really exciting times coming up.