A Product Manager’s best friend: Blogs & Twitter
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A Product Manager’s best friend: Blogs & Twitter

A Product Manager’s best friend: Blogs & Twitter

So while I think there’s a lack of practical, straightforward advice for young product managers who aren’t working somewhere with a strong product program, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great resources out there. You’re going to need to do a lot of reading. You’ll find yourself going back and re-reading the same posts for years. I have a bunch of favorites, which is why I was able to whip this post together real fast.

Here’s a list of people you should follow on both Twitter and LinkedIn (you can follow people on LinkedIn without ‘connecting’), as well as links to some of my favorite content from them.

Great Follows

Jason Evanish (@evanish) of Get Lighthouse, KISSMetrics

Gokul Rajaram (@gokulr) of Square, Facebook, Google.

Sachin Rekhi (@sachinrekhi) of Notejoy

Myk Pono (@mykpono)

Marty Cagan (@cagan) of SVPG

Ken Norton (@kennethn) of Google Ventures

Adam Nash (@adamnash) of Dropbox, Wealthfront, Greylock…

Jackie Bavaro (@jackiebo) from Asana

Brandon Chu (@brandonmchu) from Shopify

Maggie Crowley (@maggiecrowley) from Drift

Dan Olsen (@danolsen)

ProductHired (@producthired) & Nicholas Ivanecky (@ivantr0n)

The Product Folks (@theproductfolks)

Other Great Content

A Product Manager’s Best Friend‘ is a series aimed at demystifying the role for young product managers. I’m Jared, a PM who has worked in a wide range of environments (fintech & adtech, seed-stage startup to large publicly traded tech & financial services companies, remote and colocated, etc.). I’ve found that there’s a need for practical, straightforward content for PM’s not fortunate enough to find themselves in powerhouses with top-notch product programs like Google & Facebook. Click here for more posts, and please reach out with suggestions or feedback.