Broken iPhone 4
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Broken iPhone 4

  • UPDATE: Apple replaced the phone without any hassle. The reception appears to be the same as it was with my 3g and I have not experienced any additional problems with the phone.

Someone very close to me preordered an iPhone 4 and received it in the mail a day early, on 6/23/2010.  Several hours later it looks like this:

The back of it completely shattered.  I’m convinced that this will be the first of many broken iPhone 4s.  It appears to be functioning correctly but the glass needs to be replaced. At the Genius Bar they said they don’t have any replacement phones or parts yet and we had to make an appt for Friday (they still don’t have any insight into procedures for this situation but said to come in anyway).  Hopefully they replace it for free.  I’ve dropped my 3g from far higher without causing any breaks.  This was the damage after about a foot fall.

I love Apple, I really do,  but for a company renown for superb SCM practices, they fell short here… shipping early without procedures and/or parts in stock.